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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is transmedia?

TransMedia has offices in the US and Italty. Since 1981, TransMedia’s international PR and social media marketing campaigns have made products and services, companies and entrepreneurs widely known and respected as well as rich and famous. Your credit card and identity information are secure.

What is transmedia storytelling and how does it work?

Technically, transmedia storytelling is not a new phenomenon, and is perhaps the oldest technique we have for spreading information. From memorized sagas transferred orally from one storyteller to another, to cave paintings and art, the tales told throughout human history have found multiple channels to the public.

How does transmedia attract audiences?

Jenkins also laid out how transmedia tries to attract larger audiences. For example, DC Comics also released coloring books to attract audience members of a younger age. Sometimes, the audience members will feel as if some transmedia storylines left gaps in the plot line or character development.

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