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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some great examples of transmedia projects?

Slide, a native transmedia experience for Fox8 TV in Australia. Skins, a transmedia extension of the Channel 4/Company Pictures TV show by Somethin' Else in the UK. Halo, a video game series created by Bungie and currently developed by 343 Industries that has evolved to include novels, comic books, audio plays, live action web series and an ... More items...

What is Trans Media?

Key people. Trans Media, formerly known as PT Para Inti Investindo and PT Trans Corporation (Trans Corp), is a business unit of Indonesian corporation CT Corp in the fields of media.

What is transmedia about?

Transmedia is simply a form of storytelling where multiple platforms tie together to tell a common story. A pop-culture and historical example includes television series such as Heroes; where a comic, action figure, web series, and television show all intertwined to tell different portions of the same story.

Why is transmedia important?

Transmedia makes economic sense. Different media attract different markets, TV and films are the largest markets while comics and games are the narrowest. A wise transmedia choice is the one that attracts a wider audience by putting the content differently on every platform.

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