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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is TransMedia Group?

TransMedia Group is one of the country’s leading, multi-lingual public relations firms. From the TransMedia Building in downtown Boca Raton, the award-winning firm serves clients worldwide, from Israel to New York, Norway to South Africa, Miami to Mexico.

What is transmedia storytelling and how does it work?

Transmedia storytelling uses multiple media platforms tell a coordinated story across time.   Multiple narratives come togethr, constructing a larger storyworld.   Each media piece—whether it’s a comic, advertisement, social media post, novel, video game, mobile ap ...

What is transtransmedia and why should you care?

Transmedia also provides an opportunity to keep looking for new ways for businesses or other parties to connect with audiences in a media-rich culture.

What is transmedia theory?

In general, deeper analysis of the transmedia phenomena often includes reference to Marshall McLuhan, a renowned theoretician and philosopher of the 20th century. McLuhan pioneered some of the theory around analyzing both the medium, and the message that is transmitted through it.

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