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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track my order ups?

To track your order using a UPS tracking number: Just enter the number in the appropriate box, below on the right, and click on "track your package". The UPS tracking number begins with 1Z and can be found on the UPS shipping alert sent to you when your order shipped. To track your order using your order number:

Can You track a package with a receipt number?

They would ALSO apply a sticker with a tracking number to the package. This may be true even if it is NOT sent via Priority. Generally, they should offer you a receipt with this tracking number on it. If you were the addressee and have not received the package, check with the sender.

How do I track ups shipment?

Tracking a UPS shipment by reference number requires the shipment type, date range of shipment, shipper's account number and destination country and zip code in addition to the reference number.

How do you track a package by order number?

To track any package you have shipped within the last three months, simply select which number you are using, your Customer Order Number or Tracking Number. Next, enter your reference number, or tracking number. Then, select if your order was shipped UPS or FedEx, and then click the "Track" Button.

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