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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I track my package that was transferred to USPS?

It's easy! If you see that your shipment has been transferred to your local Post Office for delivery, follow these simple steps to track your package: Transferred by UPS. 1. Copy your Tracking Number from your confirmation email. 2. Visit the USPS tracking page. 3. Enter the Tracking Number into the search box.

How do I track my order ups?

To track your order using a UPS tracking number: Just enter the number in the appropriate box, below on the right, and click on "track your package". The UPS tracking number begins with 1Z and can be found on the UPS shipping alert sent to you when your order shipped. To track your order using your order number:

How do I track ups shipment?

Tracking a UPS shipment by reference number requires the shipment type, date range of shipment, shipper's account number and destination country and zip code in addition to the reference number.

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