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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the forecast track of the tropical cyclone?

The forecast track of this system if it develops will become key with warmer water just to the south and slightly cooler water to the north. With the Atlantic getting warmer and the Saharan dust season coming to an end it is likely that we will continue to see activity increase over the next few weeks.

What is the tropical weather outlook?

Tropical Weather Outlook:The Tropical Weather Outlook is a discussion of significant areas of disturbed weather and their potential for development during the next 5 days. The Outlook includes a categorical forecast of the probability of tropical cyclone formation during the first 48 hours and during the entire 5-day forecast period.

Where is the trough of low pressure over the central Atlantic?

A trough of low pressure over the Central Atlantic is currently producing disorganized showers and storms. It is moving west-northwest and may slowly develop later this weekend or early next week which would put it near the Lesser Antilles.

What is happening further east in the Atlantic Ocean?

Farther east, a few hundred miles from the Cabo Verde Islands, is a large area of disorganized clouds and storms associated with a tropical wave. The wave is interacting with a larger surface trough of low pressure and is moving west-northwest through the Eastern Atlantic.

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