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Frequently Asked Questions

What was Hurricane Ida's path?

Hurricane Ida generated a tornado outbreak as it traversed the Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic, and Northeastern United States. Thirty-five confirmed tornadoes touched down from Mississippi to Massachusetts; one person was killed in Upper Dublin Township, Pennsylvania, and five people were injured in both Alabama and New Jersey.

Where is Tropical Storm Ida?

Tropical Storm Ida. The name Ida has been used for a total of eighteen tropical cyclones worldwide: two in the Atlantic Ocean, thirteen in the Western Pacific Ocean, one in the Southwest Indian Ocean and two in the Southwestern Pacific Ocean.

What is a hurricane tracker?

Hurricane tracking charts are blank maps used to track the path of a hurricane. When tracking hurricanes, the intensity of the storm is indicated on the path along with any dates/times of landfall. There are several versions of the charts depending upon your needs.

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