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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I locate my tracking number?

Method 2 of 3: Finding Out Your Tracking Number over the Phone Look up the shipping company's contact information. It's also possible to find out a tracking number by phone with most delivery services. Call the company's customer service department. If prompted, press the button that corresponds to the nature of your call (in this case, tracking a package). Ask for the unique tracking number for your shipment. ... More items...

Where can you Find Your Tracking number?

Where you can find your tracking number, or article ID, depends on what service was used to send your item and how it was posted. For senders: If your item was posted over the counter at a Post Office. then in many cases your tracking number, or article ID, can be found on the receipt provided.

How do I Find my USPS Tracking number?

Visit the USPS Tracking website. Enter the tracking number manually or using the cut and paste functions on the computer. Click the "Find" button and wait for the tracking screen to load. Read the delivery information displayed to find out the estimated delivery time for the package.

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