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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I track my Purolator parcel on 15track?

If you have a Purolator tracking number, you will be able to track your Purolator parcels conveniently on 15TRACK. Using multiple websites for tracking your packages or shipments could be time-consuming.

What do the letters in a Purolator tracking number mean?

In the case of Purolator, tracking numbers generally include a combination of letters and numbers. Several formats exist and can vary. Please find below some examples of Purolator tracking number format: Each * represents a single-digit number, while each # represents a letter. If you have a Purolator tracking number, ...

How do I contact Purolator customer support?

Purolator provides customer support service through phone and email. 15TRACK does not directly offer customer service for any inquiries related to Purolator tracking. If you have any questions or problems concerning your package, please visit the website of Purolator to find all the contact details of their customer service.

What is Purolator Canada Courier?

As a well known Canadian courier, Purolator is used frequently for domestic shipping within Canada. With quick transit times and full tracking, it is used by online retailers and individuals as well as businesses. Purolator Same Day Services

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