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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track priority mail?

To track outgoing priority mail, you'll need your tracking or receipt number. You'll receive that when you arrange for the item to be mailed. It appears on your sales receipt and the mailing label, among other locations. Save the receipt or copy the number.

Does all Priority Mail come with a tracking number?

Priority Mail ® service includes tracking and delivery in 1-3 business days 1. Check delivery time estimates on the Priority Mail Delivery Map. Priority Mail Flat Rate ® lets you ship packages up to 70 lbs to any state at the same price. Ship from Post Office ™ locations or from your home or business with Click-N-Ship ® service.

How do I track my USPS Priority Mail?

A: The easiest way to track U.S. postal mail is to go to the USPS website and enter the label or receipt number of the item to be tracked. Tracking information can also be accessed by phone. There are separate numbers for domestic and international tracking.

Does Priority Mail need to tracking number?

All Priority Mail pieces sent through the USPS include tracking information attached, giving both the sender and recipient of that package, parcel, or envelope the ability to watch as it moves through the USPS system to its destination.

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