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Frequently Asked Questions

Where to find tracking number?

Track by Door Number. If you live in the U.S. or Canada, you can locate the package by entering your door track number in the "Tracking ID" field. This number should start with the letters "DT," followed by 12 digits.

How do you track an international package?

Track an international package through the Express Mail Service system by visiting, clicking on the Tracking Services tab of the main navigation bar, and entering the 13-digit item number to see a list of its past locations and its current estimated delivery time.

What can I do if I Lost my tracking number?

So if you lost your tracking number, I suggest you contact the sender for help. Ask he or she offer your tracking number or call USPS courier customer service for help and demand action, but this really depends on how kind they are to help you. In a matter of fact, it is really waste time to find your tracking number from millions.

Can You track a package without a tracking number?

No tracking number is required. This service allows you to automatically track packages without entering an individual tracking number. Get email and text alerts about important shipments. See images of what's being shipped. Enter instructions for your mail carrier online, if you want to change anything about delivery.

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