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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the back edge of Ida doing to New England?

As you can see, a certain back edge is making its way toward the state now and will likely cross the state between five and seven this morning. So an additional half inch to a full inch of rain being wrung out from the remnants of IDa as it passes to our south, some strong thunderstorms in southeastern parts of New England overnight.

How can I track Hurricane Ida?

Google also has a live map tracking Ida’s location. Unfortunately, the map is not embeddable. Another live storm tracker, from NowCoast at, is here. While the map is not embeddable, it will provide live updates as the NOAA tracks the storm. It’s another good resource for tracking the storm in real-time.

How do I track Ida's location live?

This first live radar, embedded below, is from This radar is one of the most helpful for tracking Ida’s location live. You can press the + button on the right side of the map to zoom in more closely. You can also move the map ahead in time to see where the storm is forecast to be headed.

Is Hurricane Ida going to hit Louisiana?

NOAA Hurricane Ida's is nearing the Louisiana coast. Hurricane Ida grew fast and is posing a threat to Louisiana. The storm was a Category 4 and just shy of being a Category 5 at landfall.

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