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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Ida's remnants hit NJ?

Starting Tuesday, Ida’s remnants (in the form of a mid-latitude cyclone) will traverse along/just ahead of a cold front arriving for NJ. This should be a slow moving process and allow periods of heavy rainfall to impact the Mid-Atlantic US including NJ. As of now, the heaviest axis of expected rain is modeled to fall through PA into NWNJ.

Will Ida bring torrential rain to Central Jersey?

Depending on the future track of the storm, Ida is forecast to bring a narrow band of torrential rain north and west of the I-95 corridor. At noon Tuesday, computer models predicted varying rainfall amounts depending on where you are in Central Jersey.

Did the Ida tornado hit New Jersey?

WATCH: Ida Remnants Cause Major Flooding In West Caldwell, New Jersey — Farther south in New Jersey, it appears a tornado touched down in Mullica Hill in Gloucester County, ripping roofs off homes and, in other cases, ripping homes to shreds. Several roads in that area are impassable from trees and wires being strewn across them.

How did Passaic County respond to Hurricane Ida?

Emergency responders in Passaic were also sent to rescue multiple people from their homes. Just after 10 p.m., Gov. Phil Murphy announced he was declaring a state of emergency in response to the storm. “We will use every resource at our disposal to ensure the safety of New Jerseyans,” he said.

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