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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You track your dog with a microchip?

No, you cannot track your pet if it has a microchip, but an animal control agency, shelter or Humane Society can scan the pet and identify that it belongs to people who will be looking for it. Some chip makers have online services available to shelters and veterinarians.

How much does it cost to Microchip a dog?

The average cost to get a microchip for your dog at a veterinary clinic is around $ 50 to $ 60, which includes the cost of the microchip, the implantation fee, and the registration of the microchip number. This price can be more or less depending on your location.

Is there GPS implant for dogs?

No GPS chip can help trace the location of a lost pet, but a small GPS device can be secured in a dog's collar. This enables the owner to pinpoint the location of his missing dog. Pet microchips are not GPS devices, as HomeAgain points out. Pet microchips are radio frequency identification implants.

What is the best GPS tracker for pets?

Tractive's smartphone-based dog GPS collar/tracker is a great option to start, but may not be best GPS dog tracker for some pet owners looking to keep a close eye on location of their dogs, mostly considering price for value and their competition – Tagg.

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