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Frequently Asked Questions

Can You eavesdrop on a phone call?

This device transmits crystal clear conversation straight to you via GSM a.k.a Global System which is the network standard for much of the world. This is a great way to eavesdrop on each side of the conversation as both incoming and outgoing calls are monitored.

What can an eavesdropper do with your data?

Eavesdroppers can also access your WiFi network, computer cameras and Internet of Things (IoT) devices remotely. Computers and cell phones can also be used as surveillance devices. Surprisingly, a spy does not need to plant a bugging device to access your information.

How can you tell if someone is eavesdropping on your phone?

If you hear a faint solid dual tone it is a dead giveaway of someone using a "slave" eavesdropping device on your (or one of your neighbors) telephone lines. Such devices create a "command tone" when the subject hangs up the phone (so you must ensure that all of your phones are hung-up).

Where is the best place to install eavesdropping devices?

A very popular location for the installation of eavesdropping device is either behind, or inside furniture (couch, chair, lamp, etc.) People who live or work in a targeted area tend to notice when furnishings have been moved even a fraction of an inch.

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