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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best faction in classic town of Salem?

Currently, the Mafia is the only faction with all roles available in Classic Town of Salem. The Godfather is the only non- Neutral role that has permanent Basic Defense. The Mafia is the only faction without a role that can heal (Other factions have Doctor, Potion Master, and Guardian Angel ).

Who are the Mafia?

The Mafia are a faction of evildoers that serve as the primary enemy of the Town. All members have one common goal: to kill anyone that will not submit to the Mafia. Unlike the Town, the Mafia know who each other are from the beginning of the game. Every Mafia member has a unique function and unique attributes, much like the Town and Coven.

How many roles are there in town of Salem?

Do you like this video? There are currently 35 roles in Town of Salem, separated into 3 categories: Town, Mafia, and Neutral. These include 8 unique roles.

What are the different game modes in town of Salem?

The Classic "Normal" Game Modes. In the base content of Town of Salem, there are eight different game modes to play: Classic Mode, Ranked Practice, Ranked, Custom Mode, Rapid Mode, All Any, Rainbow Mode, and Dracula's Palace . In every game mode except Custom Mode and Rapid Mode, the game will start automatically when the lobby reaches 15 players.

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