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Frequently Asked Questions

Is torrentday good for torrents?

TorrentDay torrents are fast speed too, they provided very high downloading speed which is only stopped by your internet connection. TorrentDay serves torrents in every category, whether you are willing to download movie torrent or tv show torrent, games torrent or software torrent, ebook/podcasts or music, TorrentDay serves everything.

What is torrenttorrentday proxy and mirror websites?

Torrentday proxy and mirror websites are duplicate websites made out of original Torrentday content, index chart, database, and files but on a different domain name.

Is torrentday blocked in many countries?

And, the website’s interface makes it too easy for anyone to grab the torrent and start downloading content using it. However, recently TorrentDay main domain is blocked in many countries. The torrent site owners shifted their content to the new domain but even on the new domain also, its access is blocked. This made every site user annoyed.

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