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What is torrents?

noun. 1 A strong and fast-moving stream of water or other liquid. ‘rain poured down in torrents’. More example sentences. ‘after the winter rains, the stream becomes a raging torrent’. ‘Artemis kept the torrent of water streaming towards the animal but it did no good in slowing it down.’. ‘People talked about hundreds of folks ...

What is a good sentence for torrent of rain?

— Duncan Murrell As church bells pealed yesterday, a torrent of water was unleashed through a manmade gap in the 162-year-old Edwards Dam in the first U.S. government-ordered demolition of a dam in the name of conservation. — Glen Adams b : a heavy downpour of rain … a torrent of rain poured down.

What is the meaning of torrents of rain?

b : a heavy downpour of rain … a torrent of rain poured down. — Walter Farley — usually used in plural The rain is coming down in torrents. Lightning is flashing. — Alice Walker Torrents of rain drenched the Hamptons … — Chris Mundy

What does the sound of the torrent mean?

View in context This rattling noise, night and day, may be heard along the whole course of the torrent. The sound spoke eloquently to the geologist; the thousands and thousands of stones, which, striking against each other, made the one dull uniform sound, were all hurrying in one direction.

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