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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of torrent?

/ ˈtɔr ənt, ˈtɒr- /. a stream of water flowing with great rapidity and violence. a rushing, violent, or abundant and unceasing stream of anything: a torrent of lava.

What is the difference between the books and the giver?

But the most conspicuous difference was the books. The Giver looked up at him, his face contorted with suffering. All of the factors—disposition, energy level, intelligence, and interests—had to correspond and to interact perfectly. She held up a clenched fist and the rest of the family smiled at her small defiant gesture.

What does hatchery mean in the giver?

hatchery Jonas' community includes a salmon hatchery, a place where salmon are raised for the people's consumption. hearing-beyond hearing things that other people in the community can't hear because they do not have the memories and no longer have the ability; for example, The Giver hears music.

What was the giver aware of when he was in agony?

He was very aware of his own admonition not to discuss his training. In his agony he perceived the word “fire” and felt flames licking at the torn bone and flesh. “Put your hands on me,” he directed, aware that in such anguish The Giver might need reminding.

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