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Frequently Asked Questions

What is torrenting?

It can be just about any type of file, such as a movie, song, game, or application. During the transmission, the file is incomplete and therefore is referred to as a torrent.

What are the best game torrents sites?

One of the first big names when it comes to game torrents sites that provide high-quality links to the best available torrents is TorrentsGames. This site is presented more as a well-curated list of available game torrents, rather than the regular search-and-find layout of the Pirate Bay, ISO Hunt, etc.

How does torrent download work?

On opening the file, the torrent site’s client prompts you for a location to save the file. If the download were for a single torrent file, you would be prompted to give a save location. In the case of a single file, you have to select that torrent file on your hard disk when prompted to provide a save location.

Are torrents peers or peers?

They are said to be peers as long as they keep sharing files on the torrenting network. Seeders: A user who is downloading a file from a torrent and simultaneously uploading it to be used by other users. Indexers: Websites that work as a search engine for the files and content to be downloaded through a torrent.

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