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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best hatchback on the market?

If you're looking for a sporty ride, the GTI is at the top of our list for the best hatchback on the market. With incredible performance and a polarizing appearance, 2019 Civic Type R shocks everyone who drives it and everyone who beholds it. Honda revised the front-drive rulebook by virtually eliminating torque steer and limiting understeer.

What are hot hatchbacks like in 2019?

Hot hatchbacks are small, practical and, in 2019, faster than ever before. Here are our ten favourites for 2019. For grown-ups who like to stick to the gold standard rather than gamble with a left-field approach to hot hatches.

What year did hatchbacks come out?

The Best Picks For 2019 Hatchbacks! The hatchback first appeared in Europe during the early sixties, and some examples even date back to the late thirties and pre-WWII. It took them a while and a little bit of good fortune, but they finally migrated to North American markets in the early seventies.

Is the 2019 Rio a good hatchback?

We think the 2019 Rio is one of the best hatchbacks you can buy, with a well-rounded and refined demeanor that should put it at the top of any savvy shopper's list. In around-town driving it's quiet and peppy, but the engine strains when accelerating up to highway speed.

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