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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find a hatch for my Boat?

Hatches, plates, doors, and windows to fit any boat or yacht are available. Find your marine hatch or plate from the great selection of hard-to-find products offered by Great Lakes Skipper. Boat Doors, Boat Hatches, Marine Doors & Hatches

What are the benefits of floor hatch door assembly?

This door assembly is beneficial for buildings that need the floor hatches to blend in with their surroundings. We also have floor hatches in an angle frame and channel frame. Both of these are watertight to avoid any water passing issues in and out of the hatch.

What are the different roof hatch sizes available?

Milcor roof hatches are available in single- and double-leaf configurations, depending upon the size of the units. Single-leaf M models are available in 3' x 2'-6" and 3’ x 3’ with a torsion bar mounted in the cover.

What are the different types of floor hatches?

Fire-rated floor hatch Aluminum, diamond tread 2- or 3-hour rating Self-closing door Angle frame Drainable floor hatch Aluminum, steel or stainless steel Pedestrian load Single or double leaf Standard floor hatch Aluminum Angle frame with 1 inch integral flange Single or double leaf

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