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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are some anime characters that turn out to be villains?

10 Anime Heroes Who Actually Turned Out To Be The Villain 10 Ken Kaneki Becomes The Very Thing That He Hates Throughout Tokyo Ghoul. Tokyo Ghoul’s Ken Kaneki becomes a... 9 Jaden Yuki Becomes Possessed & Turned Into An Evil Overlord In Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. It’s surprising to think of a franchise... 8 Code ...

Are You celebrating the best villains of modern mythology?

The heroes in our modern mythology are often defined by the actions they must take to stop the villain. It's time we celebrated the best of the baddies, the venerable villains who left us disturbed and distraught but oddly enamored. Here's our homage to the villains who often overshadowed the heroes tasked with stopping their evil plans.

What are some of the most famous bad guys in anime?

The most famous bad-guy-turned-not-so-bad in all of anime. Vegeta started out as an alien punk with a sadistic streak and an inferiority complex, but over time he become one of Goku's friends, and every now and then, if he was feeling nice that day, he'd help save the world.

What makes an anime good or bad?

Anime often has a reputation for writing characters that stick to their tropes, and the best examples of these tropes are the good and the bad guys. The good guys are angels who can do no wrong, and the bad guys are pure evil that don’t have a single bone of decency in their bodies. RELATED: Top 10 Undefeated Anime Heroes

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