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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is kazutora hanemiya in Tokyo Revengers?

Kazutora Hanemiya was a very different person in middle school. Before the events of Tokyo Revengers, he and his five best friends spent all day riding bikes. They occasionally got into fights, but that's what happens when you're a delinquent gang. He would do anything for them and especially admired Mikey, Commander of Toman.

What happened in Tokyo Revengers episode 16?

Ironically, Mikey remains Kazutora's savior: his goal of killing Mikey is the only thing holding his mind together, and that's what makes Tokyo Revengers Episode 16 so gut-wrenching. Anime Features Writer for CBR.

Who are Baji and kazutora?

Baji and Kazutora are childhood friends. They alongside Mikey were close. The three of them were half of the founding Tokyo Manji Gang members. Baji and Kazutora to celebrate Mikey's birthday they decided to steal a bike for him knowing his was old.

What did Mikey say to kazutora?

According to a fan translation of a bonus booklet in the Tokyo Revengers anime's Blu-ray, Mikey told Kazutora he belonged to him. This might sound patronizing and demeaning without much context, but Mikey elaborates and says all of Kazutora's pain and suffering belongs to him as well.

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