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Frequently Asked Questions

When does Tokyo Revengers episode 21 come out on Netflix?

When Does Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 Come Out? When writing this article, Tokyo Revengers Episode 21 is confirmed to release on Saturday, August 28th, or Sunday, August 29th, depending on your time zone. There are no reported delays in the next Tokyo Revengers episode’s release.

What episode does Keisuke fall in Tokyo Revengers?

One and only is the 21th episode of the 1st season and the 21st episode overall of the Tokyo Revengers anime series. Keisuke falls due to his injury. Chifuyu wonders what have Tetta Kisaki done, but Tetta states he haven't done anything.

Will Mikey beat kazutora in Tokyo Revengers episode 21?

Firstly, Episode 21 is titled “One and Only,” and the episode will kick off with Baji vomiting blood and collapsing on his knees. According to the episode’s synopsis, Mikey will mercilessly beat Kazutora.

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