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Frequently Asked Questions

How tall is Mikey from Tokyo Revengers?

SPOILERs Past Proves Just How Badass Mikey. So there are many examples of Madarame Shions arrogance in the manga Tokyo Revengers. His height is 170cm which makes his height slightly below average. Draken and Mikey fighting is really annoying though.

How many episodes in Tokyo Revenger?

The 24-episode season aired from April 11 to September 19, 2021. The series airs on MBS and is licensed Muse Communication in Southeast Asia and South Asia, streaming on the Muse Asia YouTube channel and Bilibili.

What is Tokyo Revengers rated?

Recently, Tokyo Revengers manga rating surpassed some well known franchises. Tokyo Revengers is now ranked 39 with a score of 8.74 in My Anime List manga rankings. Attack on Titan is ranked 81 with a score of 8.59 while Jujutsu Kaisen is ranked 97 with a rating of 8.55.

Is Tokyo Revengers finished?

In June 2021, Ken Wakui announced the manga had entered its final arc. This means that while Tokyo Revengers isn’t done yet, it should be complete very soon. However, fans who prefer to read collected volumes will likely have to wait a while, as there is a delay between chapters being released in magazines and coming out as collected volumes.

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