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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you stream Tokyo Revengers?

You can check here to watch ‘Tokyo Revengers’ on Crunchyroll. It is also available to stream on VRV, for audiences outside Asia. The show is also available on the Muse Asia YouTube channel, where viewers in South and Southeast Asia can watch it.

How many seasons are in Tokyo Revengers?

How many seasons of Tokyo Revengers are there? As mentioned above, there is only one season of Tokyo Revengers that has been made. The first season has a total of 24 episodes and each episode is under 25 minutes in duration. Additionally, the anime has comedic shorts called, “ Chibi Revengers “, which often air after each new episode.

Does Draken live in Tokyo Revengers?

Chapter 210 of the Tokyo Revengers manga is out, and a new chapter is being released today. Takemichi realizes that Draken died on the 3rd of August. Draken seems to have reached his limit and asks Takashi to step in. After Draken and Mikey go berserk, Takemichi loses his cool in "Tokyo Revengers" Episode 8.

How tall is Mikey from Tokyo Revengers?

SPOILERs Past Proves Just How Badass Mikey. So there are many examples of Madarame Shions arrogance in the manga Tokyo Revengers. His height is 170cm which makes his height slightly below average. Draken and Mikey fighting is really annoying though.

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