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Frequently Asked Questions

What sports are in the Paralympics?

Six sports are played in the Paralympic Games: para alpine skiing, para biathlon, para cross-country skiing, para ice hockey, para snowboard and wheelchair curling. Events include all the usual suspects, from the many variations of downhill and slalom skiing to snowboard cross and more.

When are the Paralympics held?

The Paralympics are a multi-sport, international event set up specifically for athletes with disabilities. The Paralympics will be held from September 7, 2016 through September 18, 2016. The Paralympics are held in the same city as the Summer Olympics, which this year is in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

What events are in the Paralympics?

The Paralympic Games is a major international multi-sport event , involving athletes with a range of physical disabilities, including impaired muscle power (e.g. paraplegia and quadriplegia, muscular dystrophy Muscular dystrophy A group of inherited conditions affecting the muscles, gradually leading to disability. , Post-polio syndrome, spina bifida Spina bifida Malformation of the vertebrae in the spine that exposes the spinal column. ), impaired passive range of movement, limb deficiency (e.g. amputation or dysmelia), leg length difference ...

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