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Frequently Asked Questions

Will India win a medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Now in 2021, Tokyo Olympic 2020 is being commenced and players from every part of the world are taking part in the Olympics. On this page, we are going to discuss the Tokyo Olympic 2021 schedule, winners list and medal hopes for India. India has already bagged a few medals in the Olympics and One Gold medal is won by Neeraj Chopra.

Which country participated in Tokyo Olympics 2021 in Japan?

India participated in Tokyo Olympics, 2021 in Japan. Since 1920, India has appeared in all the summer Olympics and made its official debut in the 1900 Summer Olympic, Paris.

Will Aditi Ashok win a medal in the Tokyo Olympics 2021?

Neeraj Chopra is a big hope for Indian as he is capable to fetch a medal in the Olympics. His match for the medal is on 7th August 2021. Update: Aditi Ashok finished at 4th place in the Golf. She could not win a medal but her efforts are worth all appreciation. Q. How many Medals India has won in Tokyo Olympics? A.

How many silver medals has India won in Tokyo Olympics?

A. India has won 2 silver medals for far in Tokyo Olympics. Q. How many Bronze Medal has India won in Tokyo? A. India has won 4 bronze medals for far in Tokyo Olympics.

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