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Frequently Asked Questions

What food is Tokyo Japan known for?

The things for which Japan is well known include its cuisine, aesthetic tradition, bonsai trees and its role in the Second World War. According to expert Setsuko Yoshizuka, Japanese cuisine emphasizes raw and cooked seafood, rice and green vegetables. Soy foods, such as miso and tofu, also play central roles in Japanese kitchens.

What is the best sushi restaurant in Tokyo?

Sushi Kanesaka has trained some of the best sushi chefs in Tokyo, including Takashi Saito of Sushi Saito — the top-rated sushi restaurant in Japan, with a six-year run of three Michelin stars — plus the young guns of Sushi-Ya and Sushi Takahashi.

What is the best food in Japan?

Best Food In Japan A Traditional Japanese Meal is always served with green tea. A bowl of Miso Soup accompanies breakfast, lunch and dinner too. It is made from Miso paste, wakame seaweed and small pieces of tofu. Tofu is made of soy beans which is an important source of protein.

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