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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the physical characteristics of Tokyo?

The main physical features of Japan are mountain chains, volcanoes and heavy forests. The country boasts few plains, which occur mostly around the coast, a small number of lakes and several short rivers.

What are facts about Tokyo?

12 Fun Tokyo facts you should know! Tokyo Metropolis has its own flag, which was adopted in 1964. It is the largest urban clustering of economy. ... It is host to the 2020 Summer Olympics and Paralympics. Tokyo has capsule hotels, that are the size of a large refrigerator and have televisions, wifi and an electric console. More items...

What are some human environment interactions in Tokyo?

There are many instances of human/environment interaction in Japan. In Japan there is mining for steel and different metals, farming for rice, and fishing for fish.

What are the main religions in Tokyo Japan?

Religion in Tokyo. The main religions in Japan are Shintoism and Buddhism, and many Japanese consider themselves believers in both. Most Japanese, for example, will marry in a Shinto ceremony, but when they die, they'll have a Buddhist funeral.

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