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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tokyo Ghoul make sense anymore?

Tokyo Ghoul might've gained a ton of popularity over the years, but there are things about the anime that still make no sense. Back in 2014 when Tokyo Ghoul’s first episode aired, everybody went crazy over this dark and deep show about the dichotomy between good and evil in a morally gray world.

Does Rize die in Tokyo Ghoul?

Tokyo Ghoul keeps on bringing characters back like they were Sam and Dean from The CW’s Supernatural. Kaya and Koma returned to prove that Kaneki chose the right path and his efforts were not in vain, and Rize was shown to be alive all the while as well.

Who is yurei Junko?

She grew up in Yokohama before moving to Tokyo, and has spent most of her life aspiring to become a Ghoul Investigator. Her alias is Yurei (幽霊) Junko has long black hair that slightly covers her left eye, reddish brown eyes, somewhat pale skin, and a short stature.

How do you identify a ghoul in anime?

Ghouls also have an identifying feature known as a kakugan, an affliction manifesting in the eyes as red irises surrounded by a black sclera. A ghoul's kakugan can appear either by their own will, due to hunger, or when using their kagune.

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