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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tokyotokyo central?

Tokyo Central provides its members with a unique shopping experience based on its merchandise assortment from Japan. Customers are provided with a variety of products that you won’t find in a typical grocery store environment. Fresh, seasonal and a variety of foods are our passion!

Why toktokyo Central West Covina?

Tokyo Central West Covina is where you can experience Japanese culture through Japanese cuisine. It's like shopping in Japan! We strive to deliver a safe and clean atmosphere, friendly and professional staffs, and a place where customers can always shop with a smile.

What is the history of TV Tokyo's logo?

When 1989 TXN ネットワーク was founded one year later, it and until 1998 as secondary. On December 12, 1985, TV Tokyo modified its logo when its headquarters were moved to Toranomon, located in the Minato ward. This time, the wordmark was red, and the number twelve was Sky Blue with a single line.

What is the name of the Central Bank of Japan?

Bank of Japan. The Bank of Japan (日本銀行 Nippon Ginkō, BOJ, JASDAQ: 8301) is the central bank of Japan. The bank is often called Nichigin (日銀) for short. It has its headquarters in Chūō, Tokyo.

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