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Frequently Asked Questions

Why toktokyo central Gardena?

Tokyo Central Gardena is proud to carry the widest selection of Japanese products in the nation. We strive to be our customer's number 1 choice in the Japanese market. Learn, taste and experience an expansive selection of Japanese products at our regional food fairs and unique events.

What is tokyotokyo central?

Tokyo Central provides its members with a unique shopping experience based on its merchandise assortment from Japan. Customers are provided with a variety of products that you won’t find in a typical grocery store environment. Fresh, seasonal and a variety of foods are our passion!

What is the Tokyo Central Market like?

The market is pretty big compare to the other Tokyo central. They offer about the same stuff like groceries and Pre packages hot and cold foods. The different is they have a 2nd floor that sells clothes, toys and other daily use items. They also have a food court outside the market area with different food venders.

What can you buy at the Tokyo Botanical Gardens?

Drinks and Japanese drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are available. There is a second floor that sells antiques, cosplay materials, stuffed animals, other clothing items, trinkets. You could kill 15-30 minutes easily on the second floor if you wanted to while the rest of your party is getting food.

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