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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tokyo's ZIP code?

City/Zip code State Location: Tokio Zip code: 79376. County: Yoakum. State: Texas Zip Codes. Country: USA. Find More Cities in Texas that start with T . Nearby Post Office: PLAINS Post Office Address: 504 11TH ST Post Office Suburb: PLAINS, TX, 79355-9802 79376. Same zip code Suburbs Brownfield; Similar named locations Tokio (ND) is 1037 miles ...

What is the country code for Tokyo Japan?

Tokyo: Time Sun Distance Time Difference. Country codes › Japan › Tokyo. Tokyo dialing code is +81 3. +81 is the country code for Japan and 3 is the area code for Tokyo.

What is the telephone area code for Tokyo Japan?

Japan Phone Code: 81. Tokyo Area Code: 3. Tokyo Dial Code: +81 3. City: Area Code: Dialing Code: Akita: 96 +81 96 : Aomori: 177 +81 177 : Asahikawa: 166 +81 166

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