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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tokyotokyo central?

Tokyo Central provides its members with a unique shopping experience based on its merchandise assortment from Japan. Customers are provided with a variety of products that you won’t find in a typical grocery store environment. Fresh, seasonal and a variety of foods are our passion!

Why toktokyo central Gardena?

Tokyo Central Gardena is proud to carry the widest selection of Japanese products in the nation. We strive to be our customer's number 1 choice in the Japanese market. Learn, taste and experience an expansive selection of Japanese products at our regional food fairs and unique events.

What is a Pasmo card used for in Japan?

Pasmo Card – Tokyo Metro. Issued by subway operator Tokyo Metro and other transport companies in the Tokyo area, Pasmo is known for its pink robot mascot. It can be used on buses as well as subways and trains and is basically interchangeable with the Suica card.

Where can I buy pre-paid cards in Japan?

Prepaid cards are sold at ticket vending machines in stations throughout Japan including major airports such as Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda. First, you should find out what the cards are called in the city you’re visiting (see a list below).

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