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Frequently Asked Questions

What is tokyotokyo central?

Tokyo Central provides its members with a unique shopping experience based on its merchandise assortment from Japan. Customers are provided with a variety of products that you won’t find in a typical grocery store environment. Fresh, seasonal and a variety of foods are our passion!

What are the best anime districts to visit in Tokyo?

Electric town is a place for all nerds, from the gamer to the anime fanatic. Review: If you are in Tokyo, you need to go to Akihabara. It is the biggest anime district and the best anime attraction in the world. Closest station: Akihabara JR, Akihabara Tokyo Metro, and Toei Iwamotocho Staton

Does Tokyo central & main still have Japanese novelties?

Tokyo Central & Main always had cool Japanese novelties, but when I went recently the shelves were VERY empty. I'm not sure if it's because of the renovations they're doing, however I was still very disappointed.

What is the Pokémon Center in Tokyo?

Just next door, the Pokémon Center is a store where you can find all kinds of merch related to the world of Pokemon and Ash Ketchum’s adventures. (There are also Pokemon centers in Ikebukuro, Asakusa and a Pokemon store at Marunoichi station)

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