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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tire Rack offer military discount?

Yes, Tire Rack does give discounts to veterans or military personnel.Tire Rack are honored to give a discount to active duty military personnel, veterans and military spouses who give so much for all's happiness.Now as a legal military man you can create an account at Tire Rack to enjoy military discount, just submitting your military ID to certify your military status.

Are discount tires a franchise?

To answer that question we should say according to the Tire Discount company website, Discount Tire is a privately owned organization. Therefore, there are no franchise opportunities available. If you consider buying a tire shop franchise, you should look into other franchise business models that sells tire as well.

What is a Tire Rack?

The Tire Storage Rack is a well-engineered solution to help organize the garage and keep extra tires or Tire & Wheel Packages out of the way. The flexible design allows room for today's performance-oriented Tire & Wheel Packages or can be adjusted to accommodate less aggressive tire widths.

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