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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Tinto kitchen?

More than your typical Mexican restaurant, at Tinto Kitchen the cuisine and culture of Central Mexico mingle with a global attitude that infuses traditional favorites with a renewed vigor and introduces new flavors and dishes for a dining experience of both familiarity and fortune. Flavorful and authentic. Perfectly paired selections.

What is the Tinto mums app?

Created with Sketch. Tinto mums look out for each other. The app supports our community with health and wellbeing experts, smart AI, and actionable advice that’s scientifically validated and clinically credible. Join us for free… Created with Sketch.

What does Rio Tinto’s Mongolia deal mean for the mining sector?

ADELAIDE, Australia-Rio Tinto PLC renegotiated agreements with the Mongolian government to advance a delayed and costly expansion of the Oyu Tolgoi copper mine, a sign of resource nationalism’s impact on the mining sector.

Why choose Rio Tinto Kennecott metals?

Our metals are used to drive innovation and technology in all aspects of life. At Rio Tinto Kennecott, we’re committed to minimizing our environmental impacts with an eye on the future.

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