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Frequently Asked Questions

What is techticket Spicket?

Ticket Spicket is the 100% free digital ticketing platform for schools that offers all the tools needed to improve the experience for both fans and event administrators. We’re here to help school districts increase funds, streamline operations, and improve financial accountability. GET STARTED – FREE

What can you do with ticket Spicket gameplan?

Our fast & secure Bluetooth point-of-sale device easily connects with your tablet or smartphone to conveniently accept cards & cash payments for ticket sales, concessions, merchandise, & more. 24/7 ONLINE CUSTOM REPORTING. With Ticket Spicket Gameplan, you’ll know everything that happens as it happens.

What is the ticketspice ticketing system?

TicketSpice is a Ticketing System That's All About You. If you’re frustrated by expensive ticketing systems that put their logo on top your ticketing page, you’ll love how TicketSpice empowers you to control the entire ticketing experience.

Why ticketsocket?

WHY TICKETSOCKET? Take Back Control and increase revenue with the most flexible White Label Ticketing platform. TicketSocket disappears behind your brand. Empowering you to control all aspects of your customer purchase flow as well as ticketing domain control, receipts and E-Tickets and all branding and styling.

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