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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does ticketspice cost?

Calculator based TicketSpice fees at 99 cents per attendee + standard credit card processing rates of 2.99%. Your rates may be even lower. If you’re frustrated by expensive ticketing systems that put their logo on top your ticketing page, you’ll love how TicketSpice empowers you to control the entire ticketing experience.

Why choose ticketspice over Eventbrite?

With TicketSpice you get access to your funds instantly with daily payouts. We're the online ticketing provider who puts you first. Our customers save $16,000 on average when switching from Eventbrite. Other providers add their fee to your ticketing page.

How much can you save with targetticketspice?

TicketSpice will save you thousands of dollars on your virtual event. Over 1M people have attended virtual events. Plan your virtual event that your attendees will love without spending an arm and a leg. Do you have a venue that you need to configure for social distancing using pods?

How does ticketspice rank on Capterra?

Customers have given TicketSpice an average of 5 stars, the highest ranking on Capterra. Every feature is designed to save you time while making you more money. Sell tickets for livestream events hosted on TicketSpice or other major streaming platforms.

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