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What is the massacre of Glencoe?

Written by Jim McLean and published by Duart Music, 1963, "Massacre Of Glencoe", "The Massacre Of Glencoe" or simply "Glencoe" is not the first song to be written about this infamous, shameful and senseless act of what would today be called ethnic cleansing in the Scottish Highlands.

What happened to the MacDonalds at Glencoe?

Aftermath. Despite what is often suggested, Glencoe was a savage crime but not particularly unusual; other examples involving MacDonalds include the 1578 Battle of the Spoiling Dyke and the 1647 Dunaverty Massacre. Breach of hospitality was less common, but the existence of the charge 'Slaughter under trust' shows not unknown.

Who was the best poet about the Battle of Glencoe?

Glencoe was a popular topic with 19th century poets, the best-known work being Sir Walter Scott 's "Massacre of Glencoe". It was used as a subject by Thomas Campbell and George Gilfillan, whose main claim to modern literary fame is his sponsorship of William McGonagall, allegedly the worst poet in British history.

Who was the Jacobite general at Glencoe?

^ As per John Prebble's account 'Glencoe; the Story of the Massacre,' this was John MacDonald, who served in the Jacobite force under Thomas Buchan scattered at Cromdale in May 1690.

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