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Frequently Asked Questions

What is my bis?

That's My BIS; a tool for managing loot council guilds in World of Warcraft Classic Some Technical Details Caching Cache Busting phpredis Installation Option 1 Option 2 Local Environment Setup Getting the The server requested authentication method unknown to the client error after spinning up Homestead?

How do I log out of that's my bis?

Go to and click the gear icon at the bottom. Then, click the Log Out link at the bottom. Log back in on Discord's website, and make sure it's your primary account. Log out of That's My BIS, and back in.

Why can't I See my guild on that's my bis?

The guild owner on That's My BIS may need to set roles under the Permissions section in the Guild Settings page. You need to be in your guild's Discord and have a role that guild owner sets before you can join. Problem: STILL can't see the guild on the website!

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