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Frequently Asked Questions

What is that's Amazing?

That's Amazing is an American YouTube channel similar to Dude Perfect and How Ridiculous, but kid style. That's Amazing is a family that make different types of trick shots along with their siblings as a baby and two sisters.

Who are the kids on that's Amazing?

Matthew - Matthew is the main kid of the YouTube channel along with Tommy. He is the kid that does most of the trick shots in That's Amazing videos. Here are all of the siblings and their ages:

Is that's Amazing Kids the same as Dude Perfect?

That's Amazing Kids. The channel has about over 3 million subscribers and over 250,000,000 views. Some videos are similar to Dude Perfect like stereotypes and a bunch trick shot in a video like Dude Perfect's videos. That's Amazing also have their tick next to their name so it is verified it is the real channel.

When did that's Amazing go live?

That's Amazing became live on February 10, 2017. That's Amazing uploaded their first "Water Bottle Flip" video on August 18, 2016. These are all That's Amazing Challenges. Matthew won every challenge they uploaded. That's Amazing is the main channel and the channel they mostly use.

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