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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Oracle textura CPM?

The Oracle Textura CPM (Construction Payment Management) solution is a user-friendly construction payment solution that facilitates efficient and accurate processing of payment applications. By implementing this system Clients, Main Contractors, Subcontractors and Material Suppliers can speed up the payment process and reduce project risk.

What is texttextura CPM and how does it work?

Textura CPM is a platform for managing invoices and payments on construction projects. The software integrates with ERP systems to allow subcontractors to submit pay applications and lien waivers online, and receive payments electronically after approval. It even supposedly allows GCs to pay subtier contractors directly.

How much does it cost to use textura?

Sub-subcontractors and suppliers also charged a fixed fee of $100 per sub or supplier contract. At 0.22%, the maximum fee would kick in on a contract worth about $170,000. Though it is the general contractor that usually requires that each party use Textura’s platform, they rarely cover the cost.

Does textura's early payment program work for subcontractors?

Even Textura’s Early Payment Program, which sounds promising at first glance, ends up passing additional costs on to subcontractors. Take, for example, Textura’s Client Success Stories, the majority of which highlight the benefits to general contractor or construction management firms.

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