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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the TextNow app really free?

The TextNow app is free because it is ad-supported, meaning there are some adverts inside the app. If you can stomach this, as millions of people clearly can, then you're good to go. If you cannot, you can always pony up for a paid plan - TextNow has a bunch of these as well as data plans too.

Does the TextNow app show up on phone bills?

Yes. Calls made from TextNow that use Voice Fallback will appear on your phone bill as minutes used. They will appear as calls placed from a different number than either your TextNow number or your regular carrier number. What does my contact see on a call using the Voice Fallback feature?

Does TextNow work internationally?

The app is available for most smartphone devices and provides unlimited calling and text messaging. TextNow also uses Sprint’s nationwide network for coverage, whenever WiFi is unavailable. Monthly plans are required for the service to work on any compatible device. TextNow is also available internationally, but it can only be used through WiFi.

Can TextNow app be traced?

There is no way (of my knowledge) to trace a textnow number. When a person uses that app, it gives them any random number that can show that it is from a certain place, but it may not be exactly where the person is. source: How can i trace a textnow number from my laptop?

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