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Frequently Asked Questions

What causes flooding in Houston TX?

Houston's Flood Is a Design Problem. In these cases, the flooding problem appears to be caused by water breaching shores, seawalls, or levees. Those examples reinforce the idea that flooding is a problem of keeping water out —either through fortunate avoidance or engineering foresight.

When was the last hurricane in Texas?

The last time a hurricane hit South Texas was in 2008--Category 1 Hurricane Dolly. The last major hurricane to hit Texas was Category 3 Hurricane Bret of 1999, which made landfall along Texas’s Padre Island, midway between Brownsville and Corpus Christi.

Where is hurricane in TX?

The entire Texas coast felt the hurricane of 1867, which entered the state south of Galveston on October 3. Bagdad and Clarksville, at the mouth of the Rio Grande, were flattened, while Galveston was flooded and raked for a loss of $1 million.

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