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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the worst flood in Texas?

The worst of the flooding occurred in Houston, Texas, where over 35 inches (890 mm) of rain fell. Allison caused approximately $8.5 billion in damage (2001 USD), making it the costliest tropical cyclone that was never a major hurricane on record in the Atlantic basin.

What part of Texas flooded?

Record flooding devastates parts of Texas and Oklahoma. SAN MARCOS, Texas -- A line of storms stretching from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes dumped record rainfall on parts of Texas, Oklahoma and other Plains and Midwest states, spawning tornadoes and causing major flooding that forced at least 2,000 Texans from their homes.

What causes flooding in Houston TX?

Houston's Flood Is a Design Problem. In these cases, the flooding problem appears to be caused by water breaching shores, seawalls, or levees. Those examples reinforce the idea that flooding is a problem of keeping water out —either through fortunate avoidance or engineering foresight.

Where is the flood in Houston TX?

Children play in flood waters in the Kelliwood Park neighborhood of Katy, Texas. Flooding in and around Houston has killed at least five people and prompted mass rescues.

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