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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there flooding in Dallas TX?

Local flooding is the result of rain in the upper basins of the Trinity over the last several days which have filled the reservoirs upstream of Dallas, exceeding capacity and overflowing area lakes. There are have 21 road closures throughout the city.

Is there flood in Texas?

The most common disaster in Texas is flooding. Most regions of the state are at risk. Flash flooding is also common, especially in areas where the terrain is steep and rocky. Flash floods are floods that happen very quickly. They can be very dangerous.

What is flooding in Texas?

Floods in Texas. To its north is the San Antonio River, and farther north is the Guadalupe River, which was hit especially hard by the flooding. The reddish color of the water provides evidence of this; in this false-color combination, soil and sediments appear reddish, which shows how muddy the flood waters were.

What is flooding in Dallas?

Days after heavy rain, the flood threat continues to plague North Texas as Dallas County is under a Flood Warning until 4 a.m. Tuesday. Overflowing lakes are pouring water into the Trinity River System, specifically the Elm Fork, which is causing flooding in commercial areas of Dallas.

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