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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Texas do away with car inspections?

After lengthy debate, the Texas Senate voted to do away with annual state vehicle inspections . Lawmakers approved Senate Bill 1588 by a vote of 27-4 - dropping the current mandate for all personal vehicles to undergo annual state safety inspections. The change, which would take effect in March 2018, changes a statewide policy imposed in 1951.

How much is a car inspection in Texas?

Car manuals focused more emphasis on education likes this so customers can get the most out of their cars. So to answer the question of how much Texas state inspection, it is $25.50!

Does Texas require car inspections?

By law, vehicles must be properly maintained in Texas. Regular auto inspections ensure that a driver is keeping his vehicle's maintenance current. Texans are required to show proof of liability insurance in order to obtain their vehicle inspection.

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